Why Mikey Robins isn’t laughing

The Hearing YES Test features a video featuring Australian TV personality and comedian, Mikey Robins. Using his much-loved brand of humour, he invites people to go online and assess whether or not their hearing is up to scratch. It is just one of the quick, easily-accessible self-help options from Australian Hearing that can empower people to test their own hearing and hopefully reduce the seven-year lag.

Mikey Robins commented, “As a comedian, I always like to see the funny side to situations but in reality, hearing loss is a growing issue in our community.”


“Good hearing and communication go hand in hand – both are integral to what I do every day. That’s why I’m urging people who have noticed that their hearing isn’t what it used to be, to get help. It’s actually quite easy.”

Research shows that one in six Australians currently experiences hearing loss and this figure is expected to rise to one in four by 2050. Janette Thorburn, Senior Audiologist at Australian Hearing commented, “Identifying hearing loss earlier allows people to adapt and take steps to reduce the impact on their lives.”

“I’m excited to share credible, online tools like the Hearing YES Test because they enable anybody to tackle hearing questions on their own terms,” she added.

If left untreated, hearing loss can leave people feeling disconnected from loved ones, reduce their ability to participate in social situations, or even affect their working life.

Mikey on screen with HH logo end of video

Australian Hearing launched Hearing Help last year in response to the growing trend for people to search online for health information. People can contact the service for a free consultation with an accredited hearing specialist, interactive self-help tools and quality information about hearing loss.

Take the Hearing YES Test today.


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