As seen on TV: XTM ready-to-wear tech will boost your hearing


As seen on TV view here:

Please note that the XTM device does not substitute hearing aid technology and is suitable for people with a mild hearing loss only.

Are you struggling to hear in certain situations, like in large groups or noisy places?
Then take a look at the XTM, our new personal amplification device.

At just $349, the XTM samples the latest technology found in some of today’s hearing aids. It includes:

  • Noise management – Hear only what’s important, as the XTM automatically lowers the volume of background noise and other unwanted sounds
  • Feedback prevention – Experience the clearest sounds, as the XTM eliminates any whistling or audio feedback
  • Built-in listening environments – Listen easy in every situation, with the XTM’s four built-in listening settings
  • Variety of sleeves – Enjoy a snug fit, with the XTM’s soft sleeves which ensure the device sits comfortably and securely in your ear.

Unlike many hearing solutions, the XTM is ready-to-wear which means you can just slip in the hearing device and go!

Ready to trial the XTM?
Get in touch with your nearest Australian Hearing centre on 131 797 or by completing the enquiry form below.  We also have a wide range of listening devices to help improve your hearing whether you’re at home, work or play.

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