7th April 2016

Make hearing easy

We're making it easy for people to get help with their hearing, with these three new videos. Check them out now!
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31st March 2016

What you need to know about Tinnitus

The ringing noise people experience in their ears after going to a concert or listening to loud music can be described as Tinnitus.

In some cases, Tinnitus is only temporary and goes away given time. Yet for others, the ringing noise is constant and interferes with their ability to concentrate or hear actual sound.
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Book a hearing check

Find your nearest hearing centre.
Take this simple hearing test developed by our world-class research division
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Find out if you’re eligible to receive Government-subsidised hearing services
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Discover the latest hearing devices and find out which one is right for you
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Are you struggling to hear the world around you? Request a free hearing check today
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Find the Hearing Bus
Check schedule of our Australian Hearing National Bus Tour 2016.

Do you need advice about your or your loved one’s hearing loss?
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