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Research Program

The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) is a research division of Hearing Australia, with a focus on hearing assessments, prevention of hearing loss, and rehabilitation. NAL actively engages a dedicated team and volunteers to expand their mission beyond rehabilitation, encompassing the prevention of hearing loss. They contribute to the field through research publications, website information sharing, and industry engagement. 

Our Impact  

Strong evidence-based research and innovation powers NAL’s mission to transform the lives of those with hearing difficulty1. 

  • 63 projects commenced in the past 3 years to address unmet needs in the community.
  • 75 years we have partnered with the government to provide hearing research recommendations.
  • 100+ countries where NAL's hearing tools are used to improve the lives of those with hearing difficulties.
  • 7 commercial products taken to market in the last 5 years.

Current Research Priorities  

NAL’s teams work across the fields of research to deliver projects that focus on the strategic research challenges2.

  • Accessible and personalised care: Making it possible for anyone to access tailored hearing healthcare anywhere and anytime. 
  • AI for hearing health: AI tools that improve hearing diagnosis, management and on-going support.  
  • Hearing Pathways: Partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to address their priorities for children.  
  • Targeted Solutions: Developing tailored solutions for specific groups of people with specific kinds of hearing difficulties in daily life.
The flags of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples

Hearing Australia acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land that we live and work on, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.