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Learning Portal

Hearing Australia’s First Nations Services Unit is offering free online professional development via our online learning portal for: 

  • Primary Health Care Workers 
  • Early Childhood Education and Care Service Educators 
  • Primary School Teachers 
  • Support Staff

The online learning is delivered via a live classroom training environment, so you will be able to see, hear and speak to the presenter during the training session as well as engage with other learners. There are also self-paced learning options available. The online learning is being offered in addition to the face-to-face support and clinical offerings of the HAPEE and Listen to Learn programs. 

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To register for access to Hearing Australia’s learning portal please complete the user registration form at the link below.  

Our professional learning is now also offered as self-paced e-learning modules where learners can engage with the content flexibly at their own pace.

Training for Primary Health Care Workers 

The below training has been developed to support Health Workers to administer the PLUM and HATS functional assessment tools with families. 

  • PLUM and HATS Training 

Eligibility: The training is available to all health workers who provide services to Aboriginal children and families. Including nurses (RN), child infant maternal nurses, general practitioners (GP), Aboriginal health workers (AHW), Aboriginal health practitioners (AHP) and practice managers from community-controlled health services, State and Territory health services and private medical services.

For more information on health worker training and training dates please contact us at

Training for the Education Sectors 

The below training has been developed for educators and teachers working with First Nations children in schools, early childhood education and care services (preschool, kindergarten, long day care, play group etc). 

 At the end of the training, they will be able to recognize hearing, listening or communication problems and to take action. 

 The training provides educators and teachers with practical content to apply to their learning environment to support all children’s listening and communication; and highlights referral pathways and supports available for children and their families. 

Early Childhood Education and Care Services
  • Cultural Determinants and Awareness of ear disease  
  • Prevention and Service Modifications  
  • Screening Tools and Referral Pathways 
  • Yarning with families 
Primary Schools

Primary Schools 

  • Cultural Determinants and Awareness of ear disease  
  • Prevention and Classroom modifications  
  • Yarning with families   

Eligibility: The training is available to early childhood education and care service and primary school staff currently participating in the Listen to Learn program. 

For more information on the Listen to Learn program, training and training dates, please contact us at

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