National Acoustic Laboratories

The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) is the research division of Hearing Australia. Since 1947, NAL’s research into hearing and noise has improved the help available for people with hearing loss.

It is a world leader in research on hearing assessments, preventing hearing loss and rehabilitating people with hearing loss.

With a dedicated team of people who investigate all things hearing-related, they are aided by numerous volunteers from the public. NAL’s purpose is not only to create methods of rehabilitation, but also to assist with the prevention of hearing loss

It produces research publications, shares information on its website, and participates in talks and at conferences, aimed at helping the industry and society as a whole.

Some of NAL’s breakthroughs

  • HearLaba device that measures brainwave activity in babies in response to sounds.
  • LOCHI a major study of 450 children which followed them through life from the first time they were fitted with hearing aids or implants
  • Spatial Processing Disorderthe discovery of an auditory processing disorder that was affecting some children, allowing it to be diagnosed and cured.

Want to volunteer with NAL?

NAL is always looking for volunteers to sign up for their database. You will be asked to come in for a hearing test and record your details, so that NAL can contact you when its carrying out an experiment and looking for suitable candidates.

Visit to register as a volunteer.