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For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, ear and hearing trouble starts before they turn two. It’s a time when they are learning to listen, yarn and communicate. These skills are important for building relationships, learning culture and learning in school.
Hearing Australia has developed a range of Information resources to help parents, carers, families and communities, as well as health and education professionals and workers better understand the issues around ear health and hearing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.
These resources tell you:

  • what you need to know to help prevent ear infections and hearing loss in children
  • where and how to get help
  • about the assessments and the treatment / management options
  • how you can help raise awareness of the program in your communities and local areas to enlist more children into the program and prevent hearing loss.

The following links will take to you to each of the resources, which you can download and print as needed.

Introduction to HAPEE and guide to your community toolkit

Printable resources for your Toolkit
  Hap_ee-brochure_cover-(1).jpg Hapee-factsheet-A4-(1).jpg
NS01521-HAPEE_factsheet_220221_Page_1-(1).jpg NS01521-HAPEE_DL_Brochure_220221_Page_1.jpg
NSO1522-HAPEE-Visual-Journey_community_220221-(1).jpg NSO1528-HAPEE-Key-messages-Flyer-A4_220221.jpg
NSO1526-HAPEE-Visual-Journey_Stakeholders_Primary_220221-(1).jpg NSO1526-HAPEE-Visual-Journey_Stakeholders_Early-Childhood_220221-(1).jpg
HAPEE Ears For Early Years Posters
A3 PostersNSO1534-HAPEE-Q3-Poster-A2_260221.jpg
A4 Posters
A2 Posters
Social tiles for promoting HAPEE
HAPEE-SM_Luke_1.jpg HAPEE-SM_Emma_2.jpg
HAPEE-SM_Emma_1.jpg HAPEE-SM_Luke_2.jpg
HAPEE-SM_Luke_square_2-(1).jpg HAPEE-SM_Emma_square_2-(1).jpg
HAPEE-SM_Luke_Twitter_1.jpg HAPEE-SM_Emma_Twitter_1.jpg
HAPEE-SM_Emma_Twitter_2.jpg HAPEE-SM_Luke_Twitter_2.jpg
Social tiles for promting HAPEE visits at your centre
   HAPEE_SM-Tile-2048x2048_Opt-1-(1).png   HAPEE_SM-Tile-2048x2048_Opt-1-copy-(1).png
Spokesperson videos for promoting HAPEE

To get your free* hearing check call us on 134 432 or email the HAPEE team at
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The Hearing Assessment Program is an initiative of the Commonwealth Department of Health. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children not yet attending full time school are eligible to be seen. All services provided under this program are free of charge. A hearing check includes a number of age appropriate tests of hearing and middle ear function