Why hearing aids don’t mean the end of your smartphone addiction

Getting fitted with a hearing aid is an exciting step to managing your hearing loss. It makes it easier to keep up with conversations and take part in the activities you love. But wearing hearing aids can also be challenging at first, particularly when it comes to co-ordinating with other devices like your smartphone. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean giving up Snapchat or YouTube binges. Here are some things to know about using a mobile phone with your hearing aid.

Lose the feedback

When you first use your phone while wearing a hearing aid, you might hear a whistling sound while making calls, listening to music or watching a video. To fix this, increase the volume to maximum and move the phone a little further from your hearing aid. Otherwise, try reducing your hearing aid volume. Angling your phone upwards when you’re making a call can also cut down this feedback.

Put it on vibrate

When you’re in noisy places like a shopping centre or on public transport, it can be difficult to hear your ringtone or any alerts over the background noise. Using the vibrate function will help to make sure you never miss a notification. Look for a smartphone that offers a high level of vibration intensity when you’re picking a new mobile.

Get a t-switch

Some mobile phones are specifically hearing aid compatible because they include a T-switch or telecoil. This means the phone can connect directly to your hearing aids so you can hear conversations more clearly. If you’re in a noisy environment you might need an extra accessory like a neck loop or Bluetooth headset.

Connect wirelessly

You might be able to connect your hearing aid to your mobile phone using Bluetooth and a remote control so you can hear phone calls or audio directly through your hearing aids. When you buy your hearing aids you can check whether they offer this function and if they’re compatible.

Wearing hearing aids doesn’t mean your smartphone is off-limits. With a few little adjustments, your devices will all work alongside each other and you’ll be able to hear clearly, whether you’re chatting on the phone or building the perfect Spotify playlist.