Top hearing aid myths busted

There is so much information out there about hearing aids, and with technology advancing all the time it’s sometimes hard to know fact from fiction. Here are three common myths about hearing aids – busted!

1. Hearing aids will make my hearing worse - UNTRUE

You should always feel benefit from hearing aids, but they will never make the level of hearing you have without them worse. Hearing aids stimulate the auditory nerves, meaning you tune in where previously you may have been tuning out.

When you first start using a hearing aid it can take up to six weeks for your hearing to acclimatise; for example, those who live near a train station will gradually become used to the sounds of the trains.

2. Hearing aids are only for older people, they’re huge and clunky - UNTRUE

It is always better to use hearing aids sooner rather than later and technology has advanced so quickly in recent years there are hearing aids of many styles. Some hearing aids are practically invisible and so comfortable that many people do not even notice they are wearing them. While many people prefer a discreet looking hearing aid, some choose to use theirs as a fashion statement and, with the wide range of colours on the market these days, you can choose one to match your favourite outfit!

There are hearing aids to suit every lifestyle. Sporty people can use a waterproof hearing aid and for those who like socialising in busy places there are hearing aids that help block out background noise and pick up on speech so you can focus on the important stuff.

That said, if you’re not ready for hearing aids, you can try out other hearing accessories to help you in specific situations.

3. Hearing aids whistle and are useless in background noise - UNTRUE

A hearing aid should never whistle once it’s in your ear. If it does, it is not fitted correctly, so you would have to return to your hearing specialist for adjustments.

The advances in technology mean there are now hearing aids which hone in on the speaker and filter unwanted background noise.