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Roger Select is a specially designed microphone to help boost your hearing performance1 to keep you at the heart of the conversation. Understanding group conversations in background noise can be easier. Simply select the conversation you want to focus on with a single touch.

Situations with background noise or where the sound source is at a distance are ones that Roger Select truly excels in. Dinner with friends and family in restaurants or at home can pose a real listening challenge. Roger Select can help with cutting distracting noises to help you stay connected and capture every precious moment.
Roger Select works by picking up the speaker’s voice and transmit it to receivers connected to your hearing aids, so you can hear speech better over distance and in noise. Roger Select is used in conjunction with Roger MyLink – a neck loop receiver for hearing aids or cochlear implants with a telecoil.

Roger Select features its innovative MultiBeam technology where it allows you to hear regardless of where the voice is coming from by utilising multiple microphones in six directions. With improved speech understanding, understanding group conversation in background noise is 61% better than hearing aids alone.2

In situations where multiple conversations take place, you can simply select the person or conversation you want to focus on with a single touch so you can be in control and stay connected. Roger Select also features wideband Bluetooth® to enable you to make wireless  phone calls or enjoy listening to the TV.

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  2. Based on preliminary data. Peer-reviewed article and Field Study News in preparation, available end of 2018 at 

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Features of this product

  • Understanding in noise - Follow the conversation, especially in loud situations
  • Hear multiple speakers - Connect to more than one microphone for full understanding
  • Understanding over distance - Always feel like you’re sitting in the front row
  • Bluetooth® and multimedia connectivity - Make wireless phone calls directly to your hearing aid and enjoy listening to the TV
  • Discrete disc shape - Stylish and discrete shape in three colours to choose from that suits you best