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Johanna sings praises for new hearing aids

"Most of my friends don’t even know I’m wearing hearing aids because they are so small, which gives me a lot more confidence." 

Local choir member Johanna Van Halen received a huge shock six years ago when she suddenly lost more than 60 per cent of hearing in her right ear. 

“It sounds crazy, but I was in the shower one day when I suddenly realised my hearing was gone,” said Mrs Van Halen. 

Numerous doctor's appointments were unable to identify what caused her hearing loss, but Mrs Van Halen was undeterred and decided to seek help from Hearing Australia. 

She was quickly fitted with hearing aids, which meant she hasn’t had to give up being part of her local choir. 

I’ve been singing in a local choir for nearly seven years and my new hearing aids allow me to better hear what I’m singing and what the rest of the choir is singing. It’s now also easier for me to go to the cinemas, because my hearing aids will automatically lower the volume of sound so that it isn’t too loud for me.” 

Mrs Van Halen added, “Most of my friends don’t even know I’m wearing hearing aids because they are so small, which gives me a lot more confidence. Anyone who is frustrated with not being able to hear properly should get their hearing checked.” 
Watch her video here. 

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