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Why this award-winning musician tuned into hearing loss

Troy Cassar-Daley, the award-winning musician, has chosen to align with Hearing Australia – the country’s leading hearing provider of government funded hearing services – because it's something he's passionate about. In August 2015 the musician became our ambassador. 

The value of hearing health 

Troy believes hearing health is priceless.  Raised by a single mother in Grafton in NSW, Troy has admitted he didn’t have an easy childhood but says that, of all of his senses, hearing bought him the most comfort. 
When I was young my mother played a lot of music on an old record player, he recalls.  didn’t have a brother and sister to fight with so in the quiet times when mum was working and I was on the property by myself, music became an escape. 

The price of loud music 

When Troy was nine-years-old, he came across a second-hand guitar and by twelve was busking on the streets of the country-music mecca, Tamworth.  Fast-forward two decades and, after winning the talent competition Search For A Star, Troy has gone on to sell in excess of half a million albums. 
But with two decades of performing, comes health concerns. I am all too aware that in my profession you can lose your hearing, says Troy. I’ve often played a very loud gig and gone to bed with ringing in my ears, thinking, ‘what am I doing to myself? 
That’s why ten years ago, Troy approached an audio equipment company to make him in-ear monitors, which he now always wears when performing. They look like big hearing aids, but allow me to control how much volume goes into my ears, says Troy. 
Recently Troy dedicated a new song to Hearing Australia titled I Can Hear You Now which tells the story of a character who feels like a ghost because they can’t connect with the world – until they seek out help. 

“They can’t even experience laughter like everyone else,” says Troy.  “The song is about finally being able to come out of the shadows and feel like you’re part of other people’s lives again.” 

The flags of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples

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