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Audiometric Testing for Workplaces

Loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. If you regularly work near noisy equipment, loud music, or heavy machinery, you may have an increased risk of hearing loss.  

If unaddressed, hearing loss can continue to worsen. It may also have negative impacts on your health and social wellbeing, including tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears), social isolation, loneliness, frustration, and more.  

This is where hearing tests come in. Getting your hearing tested regularly is an effective way to identify changes to your hearing and prevent further damage. 

What is audiometric testing?

Audiometric testing is a type of hearing test. It can measure your ability to hear quiet sounds and, when done regularly, can detect changes in your hearing over time. If you are exposed to high levels of workplace noise, or use personal hearing protection while at work, you should have your hearing tested:  

  • Within three months of starting a new job (often called a ‘baseline test’) 
  • Every two years from then on

In most states and territories, employers are required to arrange regular hearing tests for workers who are exposed to loud or explosive noise in their job. Requirements for testing vary across Australian states and territories, so check your local legislation for more details. 

How can I book a test? 

Hearing Australia can provide on-site audiometric testing for businesses nationwide (minimum 20 tests). Email us at and a member of our team will contact you to discuss on your testing needs.  

Individual appointments are also available at any of our 476 sites nationwide Call our Customer Service team on 134 432 or find your local hearing centre to book an appointment. 

Want more information?

Click below to find about more about how you can protect and the preserve the hearing of high-risk workers.  

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