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YouTube star Lachlan Lever starts school

Lachlan has started his school journey, the little boy that stole the hearts of more than 15 million people when we watched him hear the first time as a baby. 
Remember this little guy?  He is the boy that stole the hearts of more than 15 million people who watched him hear for the first time as a baby. 
Lachlan Lever became a YouTube sensation at just seven weeks of age when his mother, Michelle Lever, uploaded a video of her son hearing for the first time with the help of hearing aids. But his early stardom didn't stop there, with Lachlan also featuring  in country music star Troy Cassar-Daley’s music video for I can hear you now.   
Lachlan reached another significant milestone starting primary school in his hometown of Sorrento in Melbourne. 
Despite the leaps and bounds Lachlan has made, Michelle was still apprehensive about his first day of school. 
“We did years of early intervention and speech therapy for Lachlan to get here,” Michelle said. 
This included working with Hearing Australia, who provided support, advice and technology to help Lachlan with his language and communications skills. 
“For Lachlan to be starting at a mainstream school is a dream that I was not sure would be possible when he was born.” 
Lachlan was so excited for his first day of school he immediately put on his school uniform. 
“I am going to miss Taralye (the oral and speech centre for hearing impaired children)” he said.   
However, Lachlan is excited to join his sister. 
Lachlan has a Cochlear implant in his right ear, and a hearing aid in his left. And to help Lachlan’s classmates understand his hearing loss, Michelle made special copies of Cochlear Kids, a story about a superhero named Liam who is hearing impaired. 
“I crossed out the name Liam, and changed it to Lachlan. All the children in the class were very receptive and fascinated by Lachlan’s devices. The school has been fantastic and all the teachers and parents have been exceptional! It is great to be part a of a community that is curious about deafness.” 
The school is using a Roger touch screen system, which transmits sounds directly to his devices. 
Michelle has been taking Lachlan to the same audiologist, Lindsay Hamilton, since he was a baby. 
“Everyone at Hearing Australia has been so supportive throughout his journey.” 

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