Cochlear implant support

Hearing Australia does not perform cochlear implant evaluation and surgery, but we have a close relationship with cochlear implant clinics around Australia and provide a number of support services:

  • Maintenance and replacement parts. Hearing Australia covers the cost of speech processor repairs and replacement parts for all clients who are eligible for the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

  • Speech processor upgrades and replacements (this program is available only to eligible clients under 26 years of age).*

  • Hearing Australia also provides a number of other services for cochlear implantees including hearing tests and hearing aid fitting for the ear that does not use a cochlear implant, Remote microphone systems when clinically indicated and communication training for adult clients.

Who is eligible for Hearing Australia's cochlear implant support program?

People eligible for our Cochlear Implant program must have a valid Hearing Services Card or Hearing Care Card, and be either:

  • Under 26 years of age and an Australian citizen or permanent resident.


  • An Adult who meets the eligibility criteria for the Australian Government Hearing Services Program

How do I obtain replacement parts?

We have a telephone service for requesting replacement parts for most speech processors.  You can call us on 1800 131 339.

You can also request replacement parts via the CI client order form. To help us provide you with the correct parts, please keep a note of details such as the length of cables, magnet strength and colours you or your child use.

Speech processor repairs

Speech processor repairs are managed through your cochlear implant clinic. Remember to bring your Hearing Services Card when you attend your cochlear implant clinic for a speech processor repair.

* Click here for for information regarding Upgrade and replacement of speech processors (scroll to bottom of link)

This service is only available for eligible Hearing Australia clients aged under 26.