Hearing Care Plan

Hearing is as complex and unique as each of our clients, so we’d never use a “one size fits all” approach. As a Hearing Australia client we’ll get to know you and your lifestyle so we can a hearing solution that best fits you and your family’s needs. This is your Hearing Care Plan.

It’s important to us that we put your hearing needs first. We continue to evolve and change with you. From your feedback, we’ve reviewed and revitalised our Hearing Care Plan so, as well as making sure you have the latest, feature-packed hearing technology to get the most out of life, your care plan also includes an annual check-in appointment.

At this check in, we chat with you about your lifestyle and hearing goals, help you find a hearing solution, look at your next steps and offer ongoing support. It’s all about how we can help you enhance and improve your overall hearing health.

By checking in with you more regularly, we'll understand what your needs are throughout your hearing journey, and the best ways to help you get the most out of life.

Here’s what happens in your 30-minute annual check-in:

  • We’ll ask and listen

  • Review and establish your goals

  • Understand what has changed since your last visit

  • Discuss what you are happy with and what are your challenges are


We’ll create a Hearing Care Plan together

  • We may check your hearing or review your progress using everyday speech materials
  • We might adjust your hearing aid or other hearing technology, if needed, or demonstrate other relevant device options
  • Go through communication tactics and strategies to help you stay connected
  • Agree on your care plan for the next 12 months

What happens next?

  • We will book you in for a further appointment or otherwise arrange to see you again in 12 months’ time 

Hearing Australia is here for you not just for today – but well into the future, too.

For more information about how you can benefit from our Hearing Care Plan, drop into your local Hearing Australia Centre, call 131 797 or contact us.