How you can have a positive Impact

Are you interested in people, communities and making a positive impact? Hearing Australia is a modern hearing health company with a long history and an Australia-wide reach. A career with us will feel good, because you'll be able to do good for others. 

Career Options

An advantage of working for one of the largest employers in audiology in Australia is that new opportunities are regularly available for internal and external candidates. Hearing Australia fills around 250 roles per year across the following key categories; Clinical, Graduate, Hearing Centre and Corporate.

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Who is Hearing Australia

We are an organisation with heart. At Hearing Australia, our essence and purpose is to be caring and to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Everything we do reflects these values – out in the community and within our more than 600 locations across the country.


  • We currently have around 1,250 employees
  • Women comprise over 80% of our workforce
  • Over 600 locations across the country
  • 30% of our employees work part-time
  • We’re dedicated to supporting our hearing impaired staff

An exciting career with opportunities for future growth

Our clinical careers

Graduating soon?

Hearing Australia is one of the largest employers of graduate audiologists in Australia. In fact, we employ around 50 graduates per year. 

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Connect with a hearing specialist

Delivering exceptional customer service

To work in one of our hearing centres you must be commited to understanding each of our client needs 

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600+ hearing centres across Australia

Corporate careers

Our National Support Office at Macquarie Park, NSW regaularly hires a wide range of roles

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