Puro headphones

Safely turn up the volume with headphones packed with technology that includes volume-limiting and volume-monitoring mechanisms.

Sennheiser RS5000

Can be customised to cater to your specific needs, including volume control, sound profile and speech clarity, all at the touch of a button.

Music link freedom stereo

Discreet inductive hooks that sit behind the ear and transmit sound via the switch on your hearing aid or cochlear implant.

Sennheiser 840-S Loop

Especially suited for use with hearing aids. Easily connected to a TV, hi-fi system or radio, producing excellent sound directly to your ears.

Sennheiser RS195

Offers exceptional sound which can be fully personalised to your hearing requirements. Transmitting at distances up to 100 metres.

Sennheiser HD 35TV

Provide a balanced, clear reproduction of TV sound ideal for those long nights in, enjoying your favourite TV programmes.

Sennheiser RS2000

You can now enjoy TV at your desired volume without disturbing anyone or hearing background noise.

Puro in-ear headphones

The Puro in-ear headphones are designed to curb noise-induced hearing loss.